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Welcome to The Ohio State University's consent campaign, focused on giving students and members of the Ohio State community tools to understanding and practicing sexual consent.


Buck-I-CARE creates a culture of personal responsibility for each individual to care about themselves, their partners and the issues of sexual violence by providing these four guidelines to help sexual experiences be consensual. 


CHECK that your partner is capable of making informed and sounds decisions for themselves

ASK your partner for consent and make sure they are actively and voluntarily engaged

RESPECT your partner's boundaries by accepting when they do not want to engage in a sexual activity

EMPOWER your partner to make their own decisions by communicating with CARE


All first-year incoming students are required to take Buck-I-CARE about Consent as part of the First Year Success Series (FYSS) in their first semester at Ohio State. Learn more about the session below!

Buck-I-CARE about Consent

In this 60 minute session, participants will learn how to practice initiating and continuing consensual sexual experiences through defining consent, thinking about boundaries, and learning how to communicate with CARE. This presentation will not only help participants learn more about consent, why they need it, and how to practice it, but can also make their sex and intimate life better! This program is designed for all students regardless of if they are currently or ever plan to be sexually active. Buck-I-CARE about Consent provides students with tools to talk to their peers and partners about desires and boundaries in relation to sexual interactions.

Stop by our office in 1120 Lincoln Tower to pick up a Buck-I-CARE magnet! 

Please refer to the Sexual Misconduct Policy for Ohio State's formal definition of Consent.